The earth moved to follow his smile,
but she stood aside, let the planet pass.
Her changes were smaller: quivers of little stars,
the sucking dark depths of the ocean.
Young women turned their faces to him like flowers,
hoping for a laugh, an accidental touch,
and men labored hard
to prove their worth to him.

She spun silently in the night.

The weight of the world stood between them
but every so often, in the emptiness of space,
when another kind of gravity pulled them together
he would lay his golden head on her white breast
and sob.

The Sleeping Beauty by Alexia Bleedel


P said...

Oh, how lovely. I missed the eclipse last night, but caught it here.

Cassandra Barney said...

YOU made me very happy. I love the book...ours will be even better. I'm so excited about the future. I've been planning out my next work and I'll send you ideas later.
Hugs and Kisses and all the love I have.

Kevin Allen Jr. said...

totally great. cutting without being too saccharine.

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