Unrequited Poetry, Episode 1

Glück, Gone
You are
Gone, but can it be
So called if really
You never were there? The proximity
I felt I knew
At the time was papery,
But still I called your name softly
Up the stone wall of the library.

Howled low like a wolf pup
Alone in the den, unsure
If the footpads beyond the dark brought
Love or the end.
Louise. The breeze pushed me
Into the street. Again
I rounded my mouth.

In a Rare Moment of Exposition, Kate Explains Her Poem: Last month I discovered that Louise Glück was an adjunct at Yale. I became determined to speak with her, that she might cast her laureate eyes my way and possibly offer some advice. I wrote her a letter and heard back nothing. I was at Yale for a concert earlier this week and experienced a fleeting thrill of nearness to her, like a tremor in the Force. I should have known better--she wasn't even there.

Yesterday I called the department to check her office hours and was told she isn't teaching there this semester. My letter has surely been lost or tipped into an office trash bin. My chances of ever contacting her again are slim to none.


UMass Library photograph by flickr user Pickety P


P said...

I love her. She's a brute for not getting back to you, though.

Kate Horowitz said...

Your solidarity is fortifying, but I don't blame her at all. I'm sure she's a) out of town doing other things, b) very, very busy writing heart-stopping poetry, c) nursing some sort of letter-writing-preventing injury, and d) ignoring me. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Anonymous said...

The poem is really, really good. Some would say, among your best....PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP.
TAKE HEART. Use your imagination contact her via the department and request it be forwarded. Contact her through the publisher.

Put a note in a bottle and set it afloat.


Elly said...

a beautiful poem.

isn't there an american beat poet with the surname Horowitz? I will go look it up. You have a poet's name for sure.

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