Afternoon Shower

The storm recedes; birds find new branches.
There is wind, not wake, from the cars that pass,
and tremulous shadows spread on the walls. Why then,
my love, is your gaze so clouded?
I point out the bedroom window--look, the robins, dripping madly beneath the misted rainbow--
and hear the hoary creak of my own error.
The rain has returned: thunder rolls
back around.


Anonymous said...

This I also love, muchly, and just a smidgen more than the moving one.


Kevin Allen Jr. said...

the first two lines here are really great. Misty rainbows doesn't exactly do it for me, i think it's a little to shinny for the rest of the imagery presented, it felt a little out of nowhere. I was seeing the kind of calm but still dark sky.

still, in total, this is a fav.

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