Amphitrite's Divorce

Off Athens, the men drown horses for you.
The waters churn with fickle devotion
Of dolphin daughters, of sweet seal sons too.

The first night we danced you watched my feet. I knew
My sandy bed would not find me alone.
Off Athens, the men drown horses for you.

And now they fear you, earth shaker, for who
Will discipline the dark, wild ones below
(mad dolphin daughters, wicked seal sons too)?

The wreath of pearls was the first blood you drew;
I shed nets and jewels from each bright wound.
Off Athens, the men drown horses for you.

I am stripped bare, my bones all showing through.
I leave you to look after my womb’s work,
The dolphin daughters, shy seal sons too.

In return I take with me the gold light
From your young eyes, your hands before they cracked.
Off Athens, the men drown horses for you,
Goodbye to my daughters, my sweet sons too.

NOTE: the form is a villanelle, which may just be the worst thing ever concocted by man. It is very difficult to write, so please excuse this bloodbath of a first attempt.

photograph by Alix Malka

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Kate Horowitz said...

I take it back--it could be worse. I could have to write a pantoum. Stay tuned for more literary carnage.

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