Our Father in Heaven

We told the baby that Queenie was with you.
His head was too large, his knees unsteady,
But you must have seen him curl carefully
In her corner of the yard.

We called him in. He would not budge.
He did not know who you were
Or when you would return, but
Til her black body took his place in the dust
He was going nowhere.

Four years went by. The baby grew
Into his head, gray eyes flashing
With unstoppable laughter. He was so young
When she died he cannot pronounce
Her name. Yours he knows,
But does not mention.


Abby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Abby said...

this is why i'm not a poetry person. i feel like i should get this, but i don't.

Kate Horowitz said...

The poem may just be too ambiguous. This is the kind of feedback I love! Thank you! xoxoxoxoxo

Elizabeth said...

I think this poem is lovely, but if I didn't know you and your family, it might be too ambiguous. Knowing you, though, it made me cry.

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