Overtired, She Suddenly Understands the Obvious.

The moon is only ever full;
the absence we see
is mere shadow.


hbynoe said...


Anonymous said...

Not only concisely written, but also thoughtful and true. A lovely little poem which prompts further contemplation.

chris said...

funny, and cool, how it's not a poem until coupled with the title, but i think you enjoy doing that from time to time...
isn't it weird that things "get in the way" in space? and that planet earth is one of them? hey! get outta the way, globe, i'm trying to look at that lifeless rock in FULL! be gone!
another weird one is how there's no light inside our bodies, and so that slice from the loaf of perfect brown soda bread with lovingly-sewn sesame seeds on top will only look like that on the outside, and lives the impossible sex life of all consumed food: ingredients combine, there's the height of pleasure when it hits the tongue, then it dies and moves straight on to create more energy.

or maybe i'm just hungry, now, after your lovely simple poem..

Anonymous said...


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