7 Animals That Smell Like Gourmet Jelly Beans

Mother Nature loves a joke. Marine invertebrates that literally puke their guts out at the slightest provocation and hippos that sweat sunscreen are just a few of her favorites. There are vultures that wear leggings made from their own poop. There are alarmingly large bugs that smell like cherry cola, and mammal butts that smell like French vanilla and buttered popcorn. (Go home, nature. You’re drunk.)
So is this the zoo or the Sweet Factory? Your nose can’t tell the difference. These seven animals are olfactory dead ringers for Jelly Belly flavors.


Why Is Your Pee Always Yellow? (And Other Pressing Bladder Questions)

Before you could speak, you could pee. Before you learned to write your own name, you could pee. (And if you grew up in a particularly snowy part of the world, you may have combined these skills.) Urination is a taboo subject, a daily miracle, an essential bodily function, and a complete mystery to most people who do it. 
Let’s part the underpants-shaped veil surrounding urination information. Let’s learn about peeing.

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Image: "A Field of Yellow Flowers" by Vincent van Gogh

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