One Poem in Rogue Agent

A vertical diptych, showing bristly evergreen trees (top) and a woman bent, clutching her neck (bottom).
Photos: Diana M. Schenkel

The first half of the year was slow, publication-wise, but it's shaping up to be a busy autumn.

My poem "Neuropathy" is out today in Rogue Agent. 

A content warning: this piece contains themes of assault and traumatic dissociation.

You can read the poem here.

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One New-Old Poem

A single tongue of flame against a black field
Photo: Paul Bulai

One of my older fire poems is out now in Post Ghost Press's fabulous small poems for the masses, volume four. 

Grab your copy here.


Two New Poems in SIREN

A dark pine forest wreathed in mist
photo: Daniel Tong
Many, many years ago, Ashdown Forest in Sussex inspired Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Woods. Earlier this year, the forest caught fire.

I wrote about this wildfire—and some other feelings—for SIREN magazine's "Sanctuary" issue.

Read the poems here.


Three New Tarot Poems

A crescent moon lies low over a dark mountain
photo: Martin Adams via Unsplash

The Moon: the uncanny landscape of the subconscious, revealed.
The Ten of Pentacles: prosperity, good fortune, dreams.
The Tower: inevitable disaster.

My small poems on these cards are out now in Yes Poetry's new e-chapbook Haunted: Tarot Poems.

Download the free book here or read just my poems here.


Two New Poems in Butter

Crop of the painting "Orpheus and Eurydice" by Frederic Leighton. The painting depicts two figures in an embrace, one desperately grasping, the other pushing away.
detail of "Orpheus and Eurydice" by Frederic Leighton

I've been on a small-poem kick for quite some time now. Two of these spiky little creatures are out now in Issue Two of Butter.

Read them here.


New Course at Hugo House

A bedroom at night. A bed partially illuminated by a brassy gold lamp.
photo: Jp Valery via Unsplash

but somehow the chrysanthemum
is budding.

(Bashō, tr. Robert Hass)

This summer I'm leading a one-day workshop on writing illness and disability at Hugo House in Seattle. We'll practice expressing what feels inexpressible and examine the way great writers from Virginia Woolf to Ada Limón have pulled it off. We'll navigate the web and history of ableist language. We'll talk about rest as revolutionary action. We'll rest.

Want to join us? Details are here.


Two New Poems in rose quartz

Mad Men's Peggy Olson strides down an office hallway smoking a cigarette, wearing sunglasses, and carrying a file box of her things.

A belated update: I've got two new poems about disability, love, STAR WARS, and Mad Men's Peggy Olson up now in the lovely rose quartz magazine.

Read them here.

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