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Here are a few more places I've turned up this year:

The Open Notebook, Cross-Pollination: What Happens When Science Journalists Pursue the Creative Arts

DC Science Writers Association, In Conversation About Inclusive Writing

The Open Notebook, Gut Check: Working with a Sensitivity Reader


Halloween Reading

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Update (10/30): Scratch that. No reading for me. The pandemic wins again.

New England friends: want to come play on Halloween? I'll be reading my Wednesday Addams poem as part of the Portland Public Library's Halloween Showcase in Congress Park. 

More information is here.


Upcoming Panel Discussion


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Want to learn more about inclusive writing? Join me, Ebonye Gussine Wilkins, and deandre a. miles-hercules for a free panel discussion moderated by Tiên Nguyn and hosted by the D.C. Science Writers Association.

Wednesday, August 26
6:30 p.m. ET
register here
read more here


Recent Work

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Places to find my poems this summer:


Recent Work

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Detail of The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons by J.M.W. Turner

Places you can find my work this spring:


Interview with blood orange

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Later this spring, one of my tiny poems will appear as part of blood orange's extraordinary poetry tarot. I spoke with blood orange editor katie o'brien about reading (both books and cards), writing, and that most stressful of questions: What are you working on now?

Read the interview here.


Recent Work

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It's been a very fancy few months. Some recent publications:
  • Two prose poems in Moonchild Magazine, Issue Six
  • One micropoem in PØST, Issue V
  • A reprint in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2020
  • A matchbox (!) from Post Ghost Press 
  • One poem in small poems for the masses, volume five

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