Another New-Old Poem at LWON


A shiny speckled seal bobbing in the water
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Haibun is one of my favorite ways to tell a story. The dense, vivid sensory details, the immersion in environment, the care paid to fine detail, & then that surprise & deepening at the end—so good. 

My haibun “Parking Lot, Deception Pass,” originally published in Moonchild Magazine, is up today at The Last Word On Nothing. You can read it here


A New-Old Poem at LWON


A twinkling confetti of little bubbles at the surface of the sea.
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A new version of my old poem "The Death of the Lobster" is up today at The Last Word on Nothing. 

You can read it here


One New Poem at LWON

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An exciting announcement: I am now a contributor to the group science writing blog The Last Word on Nothing. If you are a science writer, you know why this is a big deal. If you aren't: trust me. It is. 

I'll be sharing my science poems, essays, and other work over there every few weeks. My first post—a new-old poem about birds and evolution and learning hard lessons—is here

You can sign up for weekly blog updates here and follow LWON on Facebook and Twitter. (It's always a good read; I recommend it.)


Meet Me in the Woods


Photograph of misty blue woods
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A very cool thing: this past weekend, my work and voice were part of an installation called "If trees were lone women what would they sound like" in the Dark Skies Park in Galloway Forest in Scotland. To learn more about the project, click here. You can watch and listen to moments of the installation on the project's Twitter page.


One New Poem

Pink clouds
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My therapist's armchair creaks. Tell me: what is it
about hope that feels so challenging?

My poem "Pink Light (2021)" is out now in Moonchild Magazine

This publication is special to me for a few reasons. First, it's a sequel, and its predecessor also appeared in Moonchild, in 2019; and secondly, it comes with an extra-special audio version. I recommend listening with headphones and the volume up for the most immersive experience.


One Serious Poem and Two Goofy Appearances


Photo from behind of a person with long hair holding an umbrella under a tree
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My latest monster poem is out now in Rogue Agent. 

And: somehow I got roped into this Ever Given moment. You can find me being very brave here and here


Recent Features


Night; autumn leaves; crescent moon
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Here are a few more places I've turned up this year:

The Open Notebook, Cross-Pollination: What Happens When Science Journalists Pursue the Creative Arts

DC Science Writers Association, In Conversation About Inclusive Writing

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