A Shift

This week at The Last Word on Nothing: a change in my internal weather. 

You can read the post here.


A murky sky over a dark landscape
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This week at The Last Word on Nothing, I wrote about depression, delight, and cutting myself a break.

You can read my piece here.


A falling star streaks across the sky
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How can we make art when we feel exhausted, sad, and overwhelmed? (The short answer: Sometimes we don’t.) I’m back on the Down to Art podcast this week, talking with my friend Kristy Gordon about how we manage our creative, emotional, and physical energy. 

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Me and the ocean, on the radio


Choppy green waves in the mist
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Here's something wonderful: this weekend I'll be on public radio's Living on Earth, interviewing the ocean. (Yes, the ocean.)

Listen online or find your local station and air times here


New Work in A Velvet Giant


A bat soaring against a deepening violet sky.
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“Bat Facts” is one of the cleverest, kookiest, me-est things I’ve ever written, and it’s out now in A Velvet Giant

You can read the full piece and/or listen as I read it to you here. 


Another One


Luminous blue feathers
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One of my older birds-and-heartbreak poems is up now at The Last Word on Nothing. 

You can read it here.


One New Poem in SPROUT


The sky and a crescent moon glimpsed upward through a pine forest
I am so pleased to share that my birds-and-trauma poem "Window: White Pine" is out now in Issue 2: Edge of SPROUT, a self-described eco-urban poetry journal. This poem was previously featured in Scottish artist Clare Archibald's 2021 forest installation "Lone Women in Flashes of Wilderness."

You can read the poem here.

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