For anyone who will be in the Portland, Oregon area next weekend: Ernst & Ernst Collectors Gallery in Cannon Beach is hosting a three-day show of Cassandra Barney's new paintings, several of which are accompanied by my new poetry. Cass and I will be there--stop in, see the Pacific Ocean, say hi. We'd love to see you.

For more details click here.


dianamuse said...

I adore Cassandra Barney's work (I have a great fondness for her Only Eve Could Hear the Bird's Love Song). Now I'm acquainting myself with your writing. What a pleasure! Wish I could see your show; alas, here I sit in NYC. Perhaps you'll have a NY show one day.

Kate Horowitz said...

dianamuse - Cass (+poetry) has several shows forthcoming this year, including one October 18 in Fairfield, CT, which is about an hour's train ride from the city. We'll both be there and we'd love to see you! Hope you can make it.

Kate Horowitz said...

ps I think her work is also on display at Coda Gallery in SoHo.

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