The Language of Flowers: A Collaboration in Process

Calumny, scandal, treatment for madness and paralysis, highly poisonous

I will love you like loving you
Will cure me. I have seen
The others cast you into fires,
Hissing your name as your legs curled
And glowed; I have heard
What you did to Alexander, who slept
Like any other man, wrapped in your arms,
Great no more.

I have seen your children ground into dust,
Tipped into bottles, pulled in droplets to clapping mouths;
I have seen eyes go black with the force of you.
And when I am yours, and yours alone,
They say your face will open, like a shield of angels’ wings
To bear me hence.

painting by Cassandra Barney

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I am so so happy so see some of the fruits of this project!
I love how precise your language is in this one, i really noticed how every word worked.

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