After the Opera

The cherubs emerged first,
ringlets unwinding as they moved
through the crowd. In the careless light of the parish hall
their girl-eyes grew shadows,
their child-hands wedding bands.

One by one angels, shepherds,
graces drifted from cloud
to dessert table, their feathered feet
landing hard on the church carpet.

Outside the moon wore
her only mask. Cupid met us
in the hall; the elastic straps of her wings
had carved red lines in her shoulders.
"We're getting married," she said
with a shrug. "Wanted you
to know."

As we crept from the reception Adonis appeared,
silk leaves still tangled in his hair. His bangled mother
drew him close: "So wonderful, honey.
So perfect, love."

painting by John William Waterhouse


dot said...

Bravo! The poem and the painting together -- just about flat perfect. ((I got to your site because I like Eleanor Lerman's "Starfish" & Google said you did tooooo.)) And then there was your poetry. Thanks.
~Dottie in Albuquerque

Kate Horowitz said...

Thank you, Dottie! That Eleanor Lerman poem really grabbed me. I like to go back and read it from time to time when my own wells have dried up.

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