Cannon Beach

The gallery show in Oregon was a tremendous success. After a dramatic unveiling (apparently that's how they do it in Oregon) Cass sold nearly all of her paintings. The gallery owner was so pleased with the results of our collaboration that he has invited me back for next year's show, where he wants to have a full-scale poetry reading and offer hand-bound books of my poetry and Cass' drawings for sale.

I am adrift in a sea of thankfulness.

For several years I studied Japanese tea ceremony, an intricate process that facilitates the most wonderful stillness I've ever experienced. Many of the steps of the ceremony involve bowing: to the host of the ceremony to thank her for having you, to the guest who drank before you to thank her for showing you the way, and to the guest who will drink after you to thank her for allowing you to drink first.

"And now," said my ancient sensei every time, "is making the one more bow: thank you to whole universe."

Thank you, to whole universe.

Now that the show has been Officially Unveiled I'll be posting the backlog of poetry...once I finish all this work that piled up while I was skipping down the Oregon coastline. You can check out Cass and I waxing ridiculous on collaboration on Youtube.


Anonymous said...

"Genius," she said and paved the way for the rest of the world to meet your work.
The collaboration is a great one and it is inspiring to see the two of you grow with the depth of each other.

I bow in thanks to you.

Kate Horowitz said...

I really am just adrift in a sea of gratitude. To her, to the universe, and to you, Anonymous Commenter.

Adam said...

you're so amazing like OMG wow :)
lots of people like, substitute teach when they get out of school and get stuck in crap like that. you're really going for rock-star. I'm so proud of you :*

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