I Swear I Love You Only

after Sei Shonagon

I swear I love you only
in my dreams, in these
sweet silver tunnels where so often
I have found you.
I would do no thing so untoward
as to love you
in plain sight—

And yet, having risen,
I find your star still guides me,
and feel the pangs of the closed door
as sharp as if you had left.

I wonder now, drinking
in the light of your eyes,
if those nights
were all mine, if somewhere perhaps
your sleep-tight fingers
did not uncurl
for me too.


Cassandra Barney said...

That's sooooo beautiful. Kate!
I sound like a blogg'n mom who thinks everything you do is wonderful, but it is!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God. Why did I not read this at the time it was posted? As self-absorbed as I am, all I can do is see this and think of where I was at that moment, these self-same feelings that I had...whoa.

Friend, you speak to my soul with this. Lovings. Galore.


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