Offerings: Poppy

Darkness and light, imagination, consolation, oblivion

It was dark when I woke
this morning, and I lay for a time
at the foot of the bed, the fingers
of one hand on my best dress,
laid out too. Now in the garden
beyond the window giant poppies stir,
cold red fingers on their own
black dresses.

The dew creeps in. Down the road
the others are waking, startled
from epic dreams. Their gardens
are sweetly scented, their eyes bright.
They offer innocence, beauty,
We do not know where we are going.
I suck the light in
like a new moon
and rise to greet the yellow day.

painting by Cassandra Barney

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

interesting mix of concepts.
The emotion are so sharply defined.

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