Love Letter to the Sea Walnuts

What purpose can this pulsing serve?
My own heart rises to meet you. There are strands
within this cloud, cells that flash
with the cold regularity
of the MGM Grand. I cannot believe you,
little ones, and you will never know
that the hot fog smearing your sky
has passed across my parted lips.

Jellies may have been invisible, but they were never unimportant.
Exhibit wall, The New England Aquarium

photo by Rachel Blumenthal


Kate Horowitz said...

ps to see the sea walnuts in action click here then watch the video. it's better in person but it's still pretty incredible.

Holly P. said...


Lord, I love those things. You have to see a live one under a dissecting scope, though, the refraction from the ctenes is SO COOL up close. And beautiful.

Rachel Blumenthal said...

Oh, Googling myself turns up interesting stuff :) Thanks for writing such a nice poem to accompany my sea walnut photo! I spend way too much time photographing jellies at the New England Aquarium...

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