The Blessing of the Animals

The congregants were mostly dogs, but
a perforated box here, a glass bowl there hinted
at smaller souls.
We arrived at the close of the second hymn. The little black dog
wrapped her leash around my legs
and ate the dew-anointed grass of the wide church lawn.

With the patient priest's approach the spaniel offered
her neglected, itchy back, expecting relief
and receiving something different
altogether. Her stub tail stalled,
her whiskered brows shot aloft
with the strange new love of this Saturday morning.

photograph by Sarah Gilbert


Katie said...

I love these poems about the little black dog. They always lift my spirits.

Kate Horowitz said...

She is quite the character, although her mother insightfully noted that she is more in need of an exorcism than a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! That's exactly how it was at our Blessing of the Animals too! Except there was this one girl who would bring her horses.

And one year, when I was little some boy from my CCD class brought his Great Dane which might as well have been a horse to us. :)


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