Well, Jiminy Cricket!

Ever been to a face-melting-ly wonderful poetry reading? Now's your chance. Come join me at The Torch Club at Waverly Place in Greenwich Village, this Friday, December 5 at 6pm. I'll be reading a few of my more recent works, as will six other students in NYU's SCPS writing program.


Adam Wishneusky said...

aaarrghghhhh I want toooo but I can't because there are too many mount holyoke events in NYC that very night!

Kate Horowitz said...

The problem is that MHC women are just plain too great. We are more bacon than the pan can handle, as it were.

No worries, but I'm counting on you to be at the next one!

: *

1984 said...

I am so proud of you!!!
I can't make it to NYC but I will be thinking about how awesome you are!

1984 said...

oh, that was me :)

P said...

Break a leg! Wish I could be there but I have to get my head shrunk and then go to a dinner. BAH.

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