After the Inauguration

The office is snow-fall silent.
As I pass rows of desks, fingers
are gentler on the keys, tissues meet
the corners of quickly drying eyes.
No one speaks. A girl puts
her sandwich into the toaster oven,
closing the little door
as though a baby slept inside.

On screen the crowd dispersed
in easy, graceful rows, breaking off
like plates of ice above a thawing stream.

Photograph by Susan Walsh - AP


Chris said...

Nice. I like the quiet awe you express; silence is a neat metaphor for the start of the new administration. It's a perfect blank sheet of paper in this moment.

Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of the 3rd grade classroom I sat in to watch it and how I nearly broke into tears at several different points. The kids didn't truly understand what was being said, but understood from the teachers that they should try. I don't think I even watched Clinton's inauguration when I was in 3rd grade....


Kate Horowitz said...

I talked to my 9-year-old brother the day before and asked if he was going to watch. "The first African-American president, Kate," he said. "This is big."

It's so surprising and inspiring to see kids caught up in history.

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