Cross Those Digits, Kids.

On the recommendation of the program director I just submitted my application to Skidmore's Summer Writers Institute. If accepted to the master class, I'll spend two weeks this summer studying poetry--one week with Deborah Digges, and one with Robert Pinsky.

Let me say that again.

Robert. Pinsky.

Wish me luck.

photograph by flickr user martian_hemoglobin_x


Cassandra Barney said...

I few years back Dan spent two weeks at Skidmore painting. He loved it. I hope you get it!

Elizabeth said...

I did this! After our first year at MHC. I know (?) you know this? It is amazing. And you are amazing. Dude, they let me in. You are a shoe-in. =) P.S. Sartoga Springs is gorgeous and a strange mix between hippie college town and yuppie-ville. And, they people I met were amazing. Must tell you all about it! Yay!

Kate Horowitz said...


I totally forgot! Who were your instructors? Was it wonderful?

Nick Vale said...

You'll get it easy. Assuming they're not morons, which I guess is a pretty heft assumption in this day and age. Still, I think your pizzazz will win you the day regardless.

Anonymous said...

Dude. The Want Bone is an incredible poem, among others. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Thus spake stsmith.

Adam Wishneusky said...


Anonymous said...

Consider my digits crossed-as well as legs and arms and toes and eyes. :)


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