Driving Home

Orion knelt at the tree line. Venus was gone
from over the barn, and the raw thawing earth
refused my feet. I remembered what I'd heard
about Australia, and how the stars there
are hung upside-down. The winds have changed,
but still no word.

illustration from Bats and Swallows


Mr. Apron said...

You know-- that's true about Australia-- the stars really ARE hung upsidedown.

But nobody, and I mean no one, says "G'Day."

And, the koalas aren't actually cute. They're all trained assassins.

Kate Horowitz said...

I saw Terry Pratchett speaking a few years ago, to an all-ages audience, and the first thing he did was talk about how he lives in Australia, where Orion's man-parts are pointing up instead of down.

The kiddies were a bit confused. Personally, I'd like to know which part of the constellation constitutes the man-parts in Mr. Pratchett's imagination.

In any case, I was not likely to forget it.

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