Driving Home, Dayenu*

The red-tailed hawk in the parking lot,
tracking me as I found my car.

The black bulk of the vulture
by the dry side of the highway.

The robin picking rock salt
from the deepest driveway cracks.

(A heart will swell until it bumps a rib
when the eyes report such wonders.)

If it had been these three,
it would have been enough.

illustration by Kate Doodles
*Dayenu, Dayenu


LiLu said...

This is absolutely beautiful, and that picture warms my heart.

Kate Horowitz said...

Thank you so much. I'm glad to return the favor--that kid dancing to Flo Rida was more than I could bear.

Other folks: Haven't seen it? Follow LiLu's name to her blog. Thank me later.

Kate Horowitz said...

Or copy and paste: http://www.livitluvit.com/2009/04/your-weekend-dose-of-fugly-v8.html

Nick (CFKS) said...


LiLu said...

That kid is AMAZING, isn't he? I've watched it like 90 times ;-)

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