For Zoe. From Zoe. Zoe.

I am a woman built of twigs, I am
a pulsing ruby heart. I am the bottom of the ocean
and the great monsters who sleep there. There are trees
inside my lungs. I am making
my own air. I have expanded
and condensed, and in these ears
four galaxies collide.

please, please, please, go listen to Zoe Keating right now.
illustration by Audrey Kawasaki
you might also be interested in lung trees
or sea monsters
or colliding galaxies.
I know I am.


LiLu said...

For some reason, I really like that it's four galaxies... it fits...

Kate Horowitz said...

I figured one for each cello string ought to do it.

[F]oxymoron said...

You're right... she's good. VERY good.

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