Carwash in Allergy Season

You feel like a young elephant,
or an actor inside a great puppet.
Perfect bubbles slide like ice
as the grimy man waves
with the sprayer. "Neutral, sweetheart.

"Foot off the brake." Today
everything is like the first time.
You are still, in a body of water.
You are in a body, still in a body
of water, and still your eyes
are dry. You let go the wheel.

Pollen, insects, the ghosts
of the winter, all go melting
to the drain and you glide over.

photograph by Kevin Dooley


Mr. Apron said...

I love this poem. It is brilliant. And it makes me feel like a total shithead for washing my car twice a year.

But, it's a Chrysler, so who cares?

Kate Horowitz said...

Oh, I haven't washed my car for so so so long. I don't even know how long it's been.

But that's why it felt so good. Can you imagine literally sloughing off the dead cells of six months all at once? For one thing, it would be gross, but for another, think, just think, of how new, and awed, and fresh you would feel.

This is really making me want to go take a shower.

chris said...

happy reset button. here's to better dirt yet uncollected.

Kate Horowitz said...


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