May 20th: There is One Moth

There is one moth in plain brown robes
who beats against the window.
From the darkness where it flutters,
my home must look like heaven.
And will I close the shades
and learn to ignore this small sorrow;
or shall my eyes stay, pious too,
fast on the heartless pane?

photograph by Nikki Fowers


Mr. Apron said...

It's true, Kate-- our shoddy, paltry little domiciles must look like McMansions to these miniscule insects.

I guess it's rather like the way my dog looks at me like I'm Jesus when I refill his water bowl.

Kate Horowitz said...

This is why dogs are wonderful.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

this is beautiful
slightly reminds me
of Radiohead's All I Need
I love the imagery of the fluttering moth against the window <3

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