The heaviest clouds are memories now,
and each thorn gives up its rain.
I dreamt I saw your shadow,
a flicker at the edge of the meadow.
Every step took me hours and hours,
and when I reached you you had gone.
In the trampled grass where the doe makes her bed,
a damp and budding armful: peony, lavender,
strawberry, thistle.
These are the flowers of my heart,
and in new sun they will bloom.

painting by Cassandra Barney


Mr. Apron said...

I think it's time you and Cassandra Barney did a book together.

I'll finance it. Um, as soon as someone finances mine.

And pays off my virginal mortgage.

And my car.

Actually, don't count on me for financing. I'll buy a copy, though.

Secondhand. From a friend. Well, I'll definitely at least read his copy.

LiLu said...

Lovely... absolutely lovely.

Kate Horowitz said...

Apron Boy--

That's our intention. When we get enough material together we'll start shopping our proposal around. In the meantime, start saving. I want the pages of this book to be made out of caviar.


Mr. Apron said...


God-- I'm brilliant. Look at me, pairing you guys up in my brain. Just call me Richard D'Oyly Carte.

I'm brilliant.

Poor, but brilliant.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So absolutely beautiful....perfect match to the beautiful painting as well....so looking forward to meeting you at the boondoggle with Deb and P!

Kate Horowitz said...


I'm so excited. See you there!


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