This is Just to Say

after William Carlos Williams

Yes, I've seen the plums,
and yes, I ate them,
and yes, I knew.

But what else
would make you
come looking for me?
The flecks of juice on my neck
are so sweet.

photograph by Frenchie Allen


chris said...

that touches a nerve. keeps touching. begs re-reading, before it's even done. is very white .. and blue. keep up the .. you.

Kate Horowitz said...

So far, the only feedback I've gotten on this one has been very positive--and all from men. Is there something about this poem that seems comfortably masculine, or at least gender-neutral?

Mr. Apron said...

On its face, it is less ambiguous than some of your other work, and you know us men, we don't like to work too hard.

Where has your poetry been of late?

Kate Horowitz said...

Well, I'm glad it suits you all.

I'm gearing up to head off to Skidmore for the summer poetry class, and I'm apartment-hunting, and all sorts of other life things are happening. That's where the poetry has been.

Also, excuses aside, I've been seriously uninspired.

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