Early Fireworks

We named an entire forest of treetops,
Their heads bursting into life, then
Fading out fast like the faces
Of movie stars. Layered, stacked, three
Skies’ worth of foliage, painted
In the disappearing ink of gunpowder and flame.
We saw a shower of dogwoods, petals
Popping into bloom.
You pointed at the branches
Of the heavenly apple tree.

And every so often,
Like a fast-repeating New Year’s Eve
Or the rebirth of the Buddha--
The trailing golden arms
Of the God-sized weeping willow,
The same revelation every time.

photograph by Rob and Briony


chris said...

well done with "Skies' worth of foliage, painted." if i were a teacher and you were my student i'd give you extra credit for that.

as for the rest of the piece: immaculate.


LiLu said...

Love it! Now I can't wait for tomorrow...

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