To the Wizard of Menlo Park

You should know it doesn’t count
If you cheated, and you should know
We know you did. Who but a time traveler
Would sweat until the filament formed;
Who but the one who has known silver dawn
Would bother to burgle one trip
To the moon? There is no sport
To this brilliance. Your fizzing chariot
Awaits in the alley:
Be gone, and leave us our fire.

more on alleged intellectual poacher Thomas Alva Edison here
watch "Le Voyage dans la Lune" here


chris said...

yeah, apparently he was a prick when we consider tesla's influence and career. maybe he was more shark-business-minded than his competitors. but what does this poem mean to you? it seems a bit forced, on first read.

Kate Horowitz said...

1902 was just a wild year. Edison's career included some of the most magical events of American and scientific history. I wanted to highlight how incredible that is, while underlining both the dark age before him and the strange future after.

FAIL. Oh well.

Kate Horowitz said...

ps Would it help if I made it more about his theft of Melies' film, and cinema in general? That's really where my heart is.

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