The First Year We Picked Ev's Apples

for Sarah

November fruit falls on its own. The dogs are in the orchard now,
Carrying off the Blushing Goldens that wouldn't fit in the baskets.
Their eyes follow the dirt-dyed crates
As apples tumble into the press. We throw bruised fruit
At the setting sun. My father's hands are branches,
His back a twisted trunk. Cider is hard work.

My hands blister and burn. We stop and wipe our faces
With the backs of sticky hands. The acre beside ours is silent.
When we finish our gallons it is almost dark. My father crosses the lawn,
Rings the widow's doorbell. I can't read yes or no in her face.
My mother calls us for dinner. My father takes his baskets and dogs,
Heads into the widow's yard.

photograph by Eddie McHugh


Mr. Apron said...

I love the line,

"We throw bruised fruit at the setting sun."

Don't we all...

Very nice-- what a perfect view into another world.

Kate Horowitz said...

Apron Boy--

I worry that that line might be a bit heavy-handed, but apparently I'm too vague most of the time, so here, everyone, allow me to hit you over the head with my point.

As always, thanks!

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