I. Flame Shoulder

Summer has rolled over
to the damp sheets of August.
The girl with the flame shoulder
starts over, as she must.

II. Heart and Dart

Then one right after another,
he dropped them in the stream:
the flame girl's heart, his broken dart,
and two swift-sinking dreams.

III. True Lover's Knot

In winter, water all is dark
And dreams sleep, muddy, caught;
her bed is cold, his fingers numb
in stiff true lover's knots.

photograph by André Felipe de Medeiros


Bonbon Oiseau said...

oh love. this is beautimus kate...

Kate Horowitz said...

Thanks Deb! The noctuidae have some of the best common animal names out there. It was just a matter of how to work them into a poem.

jqorman said...

So lovely, so striking. I re-blogged you at my tumblr. Thank you.

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