I've Tried Flint and Steel and Sulphur and Sunlight and Lenses and Gunpowder and Dry Wood and Straw and Concentrating Really Hard

But still nothing. No spark; no words come. With no other real option open to me, I'm going to take some time off from poetry, just until the words return. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know your favorite poem; I'm always glad to read new things, and there's no balm for the blocked pen quite like a good poem.

Stay well, friends. I'll be back.


Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

sometimes the holidays are just a good time to rest and think and start on Jan 1st as day one...enjoy the respite and don't fret about it...

littleREDelf said...

my sister-in-law lives in the UK and we're currently exchanging poetry books, by mail. impractical, i'm sure, when we could certainly just pick them up from the library. but there's something nice about picking a book off your own shelf and thinking of someone, how they might enjoy or interpret it.

in going over mine, i revisted "First Course In Turbulence" by Dean Young. It has been described as an exploration of "the kaleidoscopic welter of art and life" from a voice that is "colloquial, witty emotional, urgent" and "with surrealist volatility."

His voice reminds me a bit of you, very similar in flavor to your "The Firebird Does Not Learn."

My favorites from "Turbulence" are:

+ Tribe
+ Tiger
+ Myth Mix
+ The Invention of Heaven
+ Arts of Camouflage
+ Only One of My Deaths
+ Bird Sanctuary
+ Sky Dive

hope you find it and enjoy! Happy New Year ♥

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