A Complete List of My Regrets (So Far)

1. Brad—
Lenox? Linden?
definitely him.

2. And two months ago,
when I had the chance,
not stepping over
the ankle-high fence
to take your hand
and stand with you,
laughing, under the biggest willow
on Saint Stephen's Green.

photograph by Esther Moliné


Mr. Apron said...

Poor Brad. Whatever his name is.

Contessa said...

Would that my list were this short. I just committed an irrendemable error with my lover. Skin is the tor of my being and I have fallen from in.

Kate Horowitz said...

Mr. Apron - Don't worry, he doesn't deserve your pity.

Contessa - We're all only human. Sending you warm, healing thoughts.

Esther Moliné said...

Hi, Kate! Just wanted to tell you I have a new blog where I put up a link to the poem you wrote with my photo. Hope things are going well for you!

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