Tink's Lament

What is she, this Wendy-Bird,
that falls and calls so prettily?
I've sung for years
in your silver-tipped ears
but 'twould hurt you none
to be quit of me.

She cannot fly; she has no light,
no flowers in her gown;
Yet for her name, you'd learn to write
and set your dagger down.

She'll leave you, boy, and take with her
the hearts of all your men;
And like a boy, you'll forget her,
and be all mine again.

This giant girl will make you cry
and scold you when you crow;
So leave her there, this Wendy-Bird--
the sky is ours. Let's go.

Illustration by Trina Schart Hyman


Mr. Apron said...

I love, love, love it. Maybe it's the sentimentalist in me-- playing Captain Hook when I was twelve, and just getting done playing him again at thirty, this poem hit my heart.

Beautiful, and oh, how true.

Kate Horowitz said...

Mr. Apron-

You may have noticed, but I'm a huge Peter Pan buff. To my very great surprise, I found the 2003 movie to be beautifully written and ruthless in its nuance. Not perfect, but way better than I expected, and a real knife to the chest at times. It's the kind of movie that stays with you for months afterwards and catches you when you're not paying attention. Jason Isaacs was wonderful of course, but I suspect you'd have given him a run for his bullion (I was going to say "a run for his booty" but thought better of it).

Come Back Brighter said...

That was just...amazing. Really incredible.

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