Divorce, Part I: The Appearance

My husband arrives late, slides
into the space beside me on the cold wooden bench.
Like it's Christmas Eve, like it's
a bar mitzvah we're waiting for,
he reads his book, and I search faces
for stories. Two rows up, a man
lays his hand gently
on his wife's back, stares
at her baby-weight-swollen feet.
We are all here for the same reason.

My husband chuckles into his book,
points at the sentence I should read.
I whisper in his ear the name of the town
where I'm moving. I double-check
his paperwork. I drop one
of my own white pills into his open hand.

The heavy door closes. With brittle knees
and thin breath we all rise. The judge
calls our names first.

photograph by E.L. Malvaney

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wool and misc said...

this is wonderful and heartbreaking. thank you.

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