A New Thing! Sort of!

It's not written down, exactly, but it is the latest offering from Squid Pro Crow:

Maybe it approached gradually, 
Like the three-toed sloth 
In the zoo’s reptile house. 
I didn’t think the mossy thing 
Was real, or really coming, 
Until it was nearly upon me. 

Maybe it all showed up at once— 
So fast I’d never have seen it, 
Even if I knew where to look. 
One day last summer, I blinked. 
The empty feeder suddenly 
Offered two hummingbirds. 

Regardless of how, it happened. 
I recognized her this morning 
In the ladies’ room at work. 
She was washing my hands. 
I adjusted her tasteful earrings 
And smoothed her messy braid.

words by me; music and everything else by Grant.


A.M. said...

Been a while since I've stopped by. So glad to discover that you're still at it! This is a wonderful piece. Thank you for continuing invest in and share the beauty of your words with us.

A.M. said...

*to invest... ;)

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