Interlude: Other People's Poetry

Der Blaue Weiher by Hugo Henneberg

The Night Ocean
by Rumi, tr. Coleman Barks

We are the night ocean filled
with glints of light. We are the space
between the fish and the moon,
while we sit here together.


Let's Talk About Nellie Bly.

When I was very young, someone--and I wish I could remember who--gave me a collection of picture books about great women in history. I don't remember much about Eleanor Roosevelt, and I'd forgotten about Margaret Mead until college, but Nellie Bly stayed with me. Her tenacity and sheer nerve impressed me even then.

I got to write about her recently, and was completely delighted to find out that my picture book had left out some of the best parts of Nellie's story. That woman was unreal.

Here. Educate yourself: Nellie Bly, Rabblerouser and Pioneer of Investigative Journalism

photo: The Newseum

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