Watasenia Scintillans Addresses the New Graduates

She clutches the lectern with translucent arms. 
She is older than her picture. 
She closes her eyes slowly. 
We all lean in. 

"Life…" she says, 
tasting each costly letter, 

"Life is short. 
Light your whole self up 
every chance you get." 

  luminescent painting by Katie Schuler. more about the Sparkling Enope squid here.


Watching and Waiting

Good things are in the works. Stay tuned.

photograph by Jorge Rimblas



He is loose-fingered, cautious,
unbreathing yet. To him she is
a butterfly, only just
touched down.

But he is neither the collector
nor the net: to her he is
the full flower her tired feet
have found.

illustration by Martin Johnson Heade

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