Help Wanted

Poetry Camp will be here before too long now, and I need to bring a little manuscript with me of pieces I want to workshop. I figure there's no point bringing anything but my best. Unfortunately, I have no idea what my best is.

So: Any favorites?

photograph by Kelsey Landsgaard


Mr. Apron said...

Very fond of "The Last Battle."

Also very fond of vintage VW Beetles (1962-1967), folk music, Peter Sellers, and Colby Jack cheese.

Kate Horowitz said...

Well, if any of those are poems I'll be sure to consider them. I should write a poem for Peter Sellers. More urgently, though, I think a Colby Jack verse is needed.

Mr. Apron said...

If you can write a poem including Peter Sellers AND Colby Jack, you will be the recipient of my undying admiration.

But I don't necessarily think you want that.

Katie said...

I love "The Werewolf's Wife Confesses". I am also a big fan of "Eclipse".

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